Dream Renewal Daruma is Semi-Grand Prix winner of the bud brand AWARD 2022


We are living in uncertain times.
Unexpected things happen, time and time again. What can we do in such an era? Surely, we can dream little by little, and move forward step by step.
Sometimes, when things don’t go right, we can give up on our dreams. Then, we can dream a new dream right away. We can adjust our dreams depending on our circumstances.
The product we’re proposing is one that suits these times, and that gives you the courage to feel good about having a dream.


We’ve redesigned the daruma, a traditional Japanese handicraft used to pray for the achievement of a goal.
With a traditional daruma, the left eye is filled in with a wish, and once that wish is fulfilled, the right eye is filled in to complete the rite of prayer. We’ve made the entire daruma a whiteboard, making it possible to renew your dreams again and again.
The eyes of the daruma are blank, as those of conventional daruma have always been.
By expanding that blank space, we propose a new way to dream in this day and age.

How to Use

Think of a dream


Picture your dream,
and fill in the left eye.

Direction of Use
Use washable marker in writing only
*Do not use permanent marker in writing as the ink will not disappear

If it comes true,
fill in the right eye.

Direction of Use
Use washable marker in writing only
*Do not use permanent marker in writing as the ink will not disappear

If it doesn’t come true, or if you want to make a new, different dream come true, erase the dream you thought of before and return to Step 02.

Direction of Use
Use washable marker in writing only
*Do not use permanent marker in writing as the ink will not disappear
What is
Takasaki Daruma?

Daruma are Japanese dolls painted with the face of Bodhidharma. The traditional colors of daruma are red and white.
They are said to “fall down seven times, and get up eight”, as no matter how much they are tipped over, they immediately straighten up again. Their shape, with its stable center of gravity, shows what kind of mental attitude to have, representing a calm mind and the patience to deal with any difficulty.
The custom of filling in one eye when making a wish, and filling in the other eye when the wish has been fulfilled is still in widespread practice.
Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture is the most famous place of production of daruma dolls.
Each Dream Renewal Daruma is handmade by a craftsperson in Takasaki.

Kie Aoyama
Creative Director & Copywriter

Works for an advertising agency.
Copywriter, and Creative Director occasionally.
Works ranges from concept creation, idea development, copywriting, and sometimes laser cutting work!
Favorite thing, among others, is working in a team.
Loves society, advertising, and people.

Masaharu Shimizu
Art Director & Designer

Born in Chiba Prefecture.
Early on, worked as a Designer in a print company, and later was involved in graphic production for recruitment advertisement, and as Art Director for a web production company.
Creates designs base on carefully thought concepts and ideas.
Does photography and programming as well.

Shotaro Kinoshita
Art Director & Designer

Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Design, Tokyo.
Involved in creative direction, design development and design consulting in overseas government organization.
Enjoys the moment of designing things while adapting to changing societies and communication of diversity.


Daruma No Kouki

With the vision of "Takasaki Daruma brings about connections", we are engaged in manufacturing "TakasakiDaruma", first created in Takasaki about 150 years ago.



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